As well as producing world class theatre, we are very committed to our educational responsibilities as theatrical practitioners.We offer tailor made packages of workshops using Shakespeare for a whole variety of purposes.

Our schools sessions are designed for students who are studying Shakespeare texts, and help to bring the words alive through performance and interaction. As well as performance of key scenes by top professional actors, the students themselves will have a chance to both act in and direct scenes, and gain a greater understanding of both the story and themes of the play and its cultural relevance, as well as viewing the text as something to be enjoyed rather than just studied. Our team includes several education professionals and our workshops for schools have a track record of proven results.

We have also taken Shakespeare into the somewhat less familiar territory of business. Our bespoke training packages for business offer an experience far more memorable than the typical mundane company away day, which will present the messages that the client requires in a manner that is both entertaining and effective. Our most popular package teaches the skills of leadership through the example of King Henry V, but we can develop bespoke sessions for any requirements on request.

Please get in touch if you would like more information on our workshop services.

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